Urban Nomad Boho Bag

Yay, first post! I’ll be honest with you, I’m not entirely sure of the direction of this blog, but my husband is a website developer so it’s routine for him to ask “should we build a website for that?”. For my first series of posts, I wanted to highlight some of my personal projects and I’m dying to share this one that I just finished!

The Urban Nomad Boho Bag from Make & Do Crew speaks to me on so many levels. When my husband saw the colour of Bernat Home Dec yarn that I proudly brought home for this project, he said, “that’s sooo your colour”. That’s a welcomed response to spending more than planned at the craft store! This t-shirt yarn is perfect for a bag because it’s sturdy yet still very soft and squishy. I thrifted a brown purse just for the straps and then attached it with single crochet. It wasn’t until I attached a leather tag that I realized it matches the strap perfectly. I’m a tassel freak and also a pattern rebel so I added tassels up the sides. I skipped the liner because I didn’t like how you could see it through the holes. Overall I’m so in love with the purse!! I can’t stop staring at it. It’s always a confidence booster to successfully complete an ‘Intermediate Crochet Pattern’. This bag is coming with me to see Dead & Company (!!) in a few weeks but I’m thinking about making another for the shop – I just can’t decide on a colour! Let me know what you think?!