Project Yardage Calculator

If someone told me as a kid that I’d be blogging about math in my 30’s I would have thought you’re absolutely crazy… but here we are! Although to be fair, this is more just a post about how to be lazy.

A few months ago I picked up a temporary office job and binge-listened to Brittany’s B-Hooked Podcast while assembling tax files for hours and hours. In episode 44 she talks about calculating the amount of yarn used in your project and enlightened me about using a method that I tend to avoid at all costs – math! Go ahead and give it a listen if you’re not yet familiar with this method.

All you need is a digital scale that measures ounces/grams, a little bit of info from the tag on your skein of yarn and the ability to open and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You don’t even need to know the formula, just plug in your 3 numbers and voila! No math! My spreadsheet uses the imperial system because that’s what I prefer but you can use the same formula for metric calculations, just replace oz with grams and yds with meters.

This spreadsheet is my gift to you. Now go make something cool!

Free download for WCC Project Yardage Calculator


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